The background to all this is that in the years since the Clinton Memo on “Conspiracy Commerce” there’s a new factor keeping the truth out of the public realm:

Big Tech is now censoring who can be on their platforms, who can earn money from traffic, who can place ads. In other words, they censor who and what you can read while they insist you endure their Cabal advertisers and read their #fakenews so they can get paid!

We’re set up to help independent¬†writers stay online, and in business.

Plus, we’ve built our own little publishing press for readers to enjoy.

If you buy ads, and are sick of paying the Cabal, then advertise across our network of owned sites and those client sites we manage.

All our readers are people like you: people who value the truth.


Ads on the three titles above are $2 CPM for programmatic buy or $10 CPM for full site takeover.

Full run of site includes permanent ads, landing pages and social media promotion.


To find out more, contact us below.




To find out more, contact us below.


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